They Followed God’s Word, Not the Star…



Over 300 prophecies Christ fulfilled,
The Nation of Israel should have known
The time of His coming was drawing near;
But, he was never received by His own.

It was left to Magi from parts unknown,
When they saw “the Star of Jacob appear,”
To know it was time for Daniel’s Messiah,
The birth of Israel’s King was near.

They appeared at the city’s gates one day,
Like a mirage in the noon day haze.
When they entered, the reality of their arrival,
Soon set the streets of Jerusalem ablaze.

Winding their way through the city’s streets,
Majestic and regal, to see a King they came,
They expected all Jerusalem to be rejoicing,
But in Israel, who cared! Oh, what shame!

The news of a rightful heir for the throne,
Was not a joy to Herod; but, a threat!
He called them to appear in his private court,
To gain what intelligence he could get.

He slyly asked when they first saw the star.
They revealed it was a two year trip.
Now Herod knew the age of the child;
His exact whereabouts still out of his grip.

He gathered together all the priests and scribes,
Demanding of them where Christ should be born.”
“In Bethlehem of Judea, for it is thus prophesied.”
“So close,” “I could be there by the morn.”

Herod realized that if he moved too soon,
Seized the wrong child, he’d still lose his throne;
So, in a tone smooth as butter, he requested of them.
“Tell me when you find Him. I’ll worship on my own.”

Learned in science; but, prone to deception,
They could have naively given the Christ child away
The Magi believed all the old King had said.
But God sent them home a different way.

When the Magi saw the star over the house,
In “Bethlehem of Judea” as the Scribes said.
They rejoiced exceedingly at the sight of the star,
It was proof to them God’s prophecy had led.

“And when they were come into the house,
They saw the young child with Mary his mother,
And fell down, and worshipped him (only):”
They worshipped the Lord, not His Mother!

They did not return and Herod saw he was mocked,
His “Mafia” killed all children up to age two.
But, God sent Joseph and the family to Egypt.
“Out of Egypt I have called my son,” is true.

From all of Bethlehem’s coasts and up even to Ramah,
Was heard the voice of lamentation and great grief,
Rachel wept without comfort for Israel’s slain children,
Proof that Jeremiah’s prophecy is worth our belief.

In God’s Word, the Bible, “good guys” always win!
Herod sowed his wild oats; but, died a horrible death;
He tried to kill family; so people mourned when he died.
This did not happen; he was bad to his last breath!

Ten fulfilled prophecies should take away doubt,
The Babe in the Manger was the Christ of Calvary.
Where, for the joy set before Him, He paid for our sin,
And offers Salvation as a gift. Believe in Him. It’s free.

We don’t have to join a camel caravan;
Traveling for miles across desert sands.
Or, look for our future in sky full of stars;
We have the Bible right here in our hands.

Be as wise as the Magi, trust Christ as Savior today.
He’ll take your sin and mark it “paid on account.”
In exchange, He’ll give you His righteousness;
And give more blessings than you can count!

Marjorie A. Younce

Painting:  James Tissot, The Journey of the Wise Men

Brooklyn Museum, New York

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