Heaven’s Troops Are Coming Home!

Soon we'll hear the Trump of God,
"Swing the Gates of Heaven wide!"
The Savior's troops are coming home
And can't wait to come inside.

They've been recalled by our Savior,
Royal Commander-in-chief.
"Come home, my blood-bought warriors.
Stand down, you're on relief."

I have a place prepared for you
On a golden street so fair.
Loved ones who've preceded you
Wait to give a welcome there.

There'll be no more broken bodies.
No more suffering without a cure.
We, once battle-scarred and weary,
Find ourselves in bodies new and pure.

Our "vile bodies will be changed
Like unto His glorious one."
"Whereby he subdues all things."
"In a moment," it will be done!

Angels line the streets rejoicing
As we lay our backpacks down.
We will trade the noise of battle
For a Soul Winner's Crown.

All the active duty soldiers
Will be glad they chose to serve.
They'll get gold...and precious stones.
Not so, for the Reserve.

They, who were the last to enlist:
Or, declined to join the fray;
Or, even "pass the ammunition,"
To send the Gospel on its way.

Ashamed; but, welcome in Heaven,
Those who've only just believed.
Salvation requires no works at all,
God's Eternal Life they've received.

Their works of "wood...and stubble,"
Won't stand the judgment pyre.
They'll go up in a puff of smoke,
They're still saved; "yet...as by fire.

"Soon we'll gather 'round the Throne
With loved ones waiting there.
The time of weeping will be over.
The time of joy will now be here.

We'll fall down at our Savior's feet,
The One who paid Redemption's price;
We could not even be in Heaven
Without His Perfect Sacrifice.

But, for now...the battle's not over,
The trump did not sound on high.
Let's not "be weary in well-doing";
Signs show the time is drawing nigh.

We know the Lord comes quickly,
And He will call His Armies home.
"Caught up" to meet him in the air,
"Even so, Lord Jesus, Come."


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