The “Parable” of the Lighthouse

Image of an abandoned church by a body of accompany a poem about a church that was closed.
There she stands by the water's edge...Her light no longer shines...


The lonely sentinel stands at water’s edge.
Its light is dark and all is still.
A “For Sale” sign shows what time can do:
Both for good, and for ill.


It was built when blood-bought people
Determined that by God's Grace,
The light of the glorious Gospel
Would shine forth from that place.

They worked and sacrificed together
To build the Lighthouse there.
So, men and women, young and old,
Could learn God's Word to share.

In the summer breezes of Bible Camp,
The laughter of children rang;
While playing games and learning verses,
The woods would echo the song they sang.

'This little light of mine. I'm gonna' let it shine
Let it shine. Let it shine, Let it shine,
I won't let Satan blow it out I'm gonna' let shine
Let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine."

In the classes there was Bible-teaching,
With the goal no child would leave:
Until they knew how to go to Heaven.
And Christ as their Savior receive.

The light shone brightly for miles around:
Folks came on Sunday to hear God's Word,
Preached from Genesis to Revelation;
And grew in Grace from what they'd heard.

Godly men have served this pulpit.
They came to water, plant, and sow.
They knew it’s God that gives the increase;
And not mere man below.

For nearly 50 years it's beamed
The Gospel to all around.
Withstanding attack from every side-
Their unity kept them sound.

Until the day they lost the "Rock'
That was called the "Leaning Stone"
Their unity began to crack,
They began to feel alone.

The building was the Lighthouse.
The people were the ship:
And, without their Captain at the helm.
Their moorings began to slip.

We know that “Satan walketh about.
Seeking whom he may devour."
What he could not do from the outside,
He did inside at their weakest hour.

The winds of contention began to blow,
And discord began to seep inside.
There was no Captain to steer them clear.
They hit the rocks on the rising tide.

Those that were left tried mightily
To keep that ship upright.
But, one-by-one slipped overboard,
And floated away out of sight.

With not enough crew to man the ship,
And no one left to tend the light:
They sadly extinguished the beacon’s flame;
Satan believed he’d put out the light

But that light still shines in the witness
Of all who’ve trusted the Savior there.
It gleams brightly each and every time
The pure, clear Gospel they share!

There are some lights Satan cannot dim.
If we choose to let our "Gospel light" shine.
Remembering the words of the children’s song,
Give a witness with "this little light of mine.'

We’ll not know this side of Heaven
The number of souls that have been won;
But, some of us can surely say,
"Praise the Lord, I am one."

Why the Light went out this way
Is something hard to understand;
But, the Savior led us through it all.
Like a child with His Mighty Hand!

Someday when we stand on Heaven’s shore,
And meet our Savior face to face,
We'll know that His Way was the best one,
And be mighty thankful for God’s Grace!

What is hard to bear in life down here,
We won’t care about at all up there.
As we praise our Savior around His Throne,
And together everlasting life share.

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