Bible Question and Answer Archive 2

VIII. Christian Walk

Why Do We Have Trials and Testings?  (0023 - Trials and Testings)
Is Suicide the Unpardonable Sin?  (0024)
VIII.3. A Note to Our Dear Readers.  (0024)
VIII.4. Suicide Is Not the Answer! (0174)
VIII.5. Does Job 3:25 Mean Everything We Fear Will Come Upon Us? (0077 Why Worry?)
VIII.6. Is It Wrong to Have a Christmas Tree?  (0028)
VIII.7. Please Explain "Whosoever Is Born of God Doth Not Sin...  (0049)
VIII.8. Should We Pray the Lord's Prayer Every Day?  (0054 - The Lord's Prayer)
VIII.9. Bear Your Own Burdens or One Another's?  (0071 - Bear Your Own Burden)
VIII.10. Must We Pursue Holiness to Obtain Eternal Life?  (0072 - Holiness)
VIII.11. Why Do Children Suffer?  (0078)
VIII.12. Why did Christ say,"Turn the other cheek?  (0081)
VIII.13. Is Forgiveness Without Trust Really Forgiveness?  (0084 - Forgiveness and Trust)
VIII.14. Can the Soul and the Spirit Be Separated?  (0099 - Separation of Soul and Spirit)
VIII.15. Do You Have to Turn From Your Sin to Be Saved?
VIII.16. What does, "Whosoever shall save his life shall lose it," mean  (0059)
VIII.17. Is It a Sin to Play Cards on Sunday?  (0102)
VIII.18. How Can I Know God's Will?  (0135)
VIII.19. What Does the Bible Say About Men Wearing Earrings? (0167 and 0170)
VIII.20. Does Galatians 5:17 Say Christians Can't Help But Sin?  (0100/0185 - A Christian Cannot Sin)
VIII.21. Is There Such a Thing as Sinless Perfection?  (0196)
VIII.22. Does God Really Care If We Give to His Work or Not?  (0208)

IX. Contradictions, "So-Called"

IX.1. How Many Blind Men Were Healed?  (0003)
IX.2. Where Is This Written by Jeremiah?  (0007 - Wasn't It Written By Jeremiah?)
IX.3. Why Doesn't God Know the Day and the Hour?  (0008 - Why Doesn't God Know?)
IX.4. How Many Died In the Plague?  (0009)
IX.5. Judas And the 30 Pieces of Silver.  (0014)
IX.6. What Did King David Actually Pay For the Threshing Floor?  (0015)
IX.7. Was Moses' Father-in-law's Name Jethro; or Reuel?  (0040 - Was His Name Jethro or Ruel?)
IX.8. Is There a Contradiction In the Size of King David's Army? (0016 - Contradiction in the Size of Army?)
IX.9. Was Israel In Bondage to Egypt 400 Years; or, 430 Years?  (0041 - Genesis 15:30 or Exodus 12:41?)
IX.10. At the Apostle Paul's Conversion, Did the Men Hear; or, Hear Not?  (0053 - Is There a Mistranslation in Acts?)
IX.11. Did the Israelites Begin to Serve at Age 25; or, Age 30?  (0055 - The Levites Begin at 25 or 30?)
IX.12. King David and Michal Had No Children. Who Fathered Her 5 Sons?  (0061 - Michal's Five Sons)
IX.13. Was the King of Gath's Name Abimelech or Achish?  (0062a)
IX.14. God Tempts No Man; or "Lead Us Not Into Temptation?  (0094)
IX.15. Why Do the Books of James and Romans Seem to Disagree?  (0019 - Faith and Works)
IX.16. The Christian's "Two Rests."
IX.17. Is There a Contradiction Between Acts 2:38 and John 3:16; or, Does Baptism Save?  (0026a)
IX.18. Did the Apostle Paul Know Christ; And, Then, Not Know Him?  (0187)
IX.19. Was Crispus, or Sosthenes, the Ruler of the Synagogue in Acts 18?  (0199)
IX.20. Explain the Seeming Time Discrepancy in John 19:14,16 and Mark 15:25  (0043/0183 - Jewish and Roman Time)
IX.21. A So-Called Contradiction is Found in Luke 24:21 on the Road to Emmaus.  (0198)

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