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Dr. Mark G. Cambron, Now Celebrating in Heaven.

Dr. Mark G. Cambron was the former Vice-President and President of Florida Bible College and Founder of Seaside Mission, first located in Miami, then later in Kissimmee, Florida. It was a great honor to study under this dedicated teacher of God's Word! I am sure the "brass band" was playing to welcome him "Home to Heaven." Both my wife and I had the privilege of studying under him. We surely do miss you, "Doc."

There are four books on this page by Dr. Cambron which have always been used with the gracious permission of Seaside Mission. More can be ordered by contacting the Director of Seaside Mission, David Beal,  at this number.  (407-325-2915).

FREE GRACE RESOURCES is the site where many of Dr. Cambron's Old Testament Commentaries can be found. Dr. Cambron had intended to complete an Old Testament Commentary.  Those found here are a valuable resource to every student of the Bible.

Thank you, Bill Fallon, and the Free Grace Resource Website, for graciously allowing us to provide these.

A word about Bill. He is one of those unseen warriors for God's Word, who maintains the website founded by Dr. A. Ray Stanford, http://www.eph289.com/ He has rescued many of Dr. Mark G. Cambron's Old Testament Commentaries, using his expertise to bring them into a format that can be used by websites of today. I am positive he has spent countless hours doing this. God bless you!

 BDBible Doctrines; Or, Beliefs That Matter

By Dr. Mark G. Cambron

 Read online here:

This book covers all the major doctrines of the Bible. Available from the Seaside Mission; or the Florida Bible College Alumni Association Library at This Link. There are many other books and audio sermons by Dr. Cambron available at this link.

hermeneuticsHermeneutics -Mastering the Bible
By Dr. Mark G. Cambron, D.D.
A Text on Biblical Hermeneutics:
The Science of Interpreting  Scripture
  Read online here.

Daniel and Revelation Made Plain

This is a picture of the front of my personal copy, signed by Dr. Cambron. I would not take a million dollars for this!  Read online here:

The Progressive Program of Prophecy
by Dr. Mark G. Cambron
Read online here.

Pamphlet - "Foreknowledge, Predestination, and Election"
We are happy that we can provide you a link to these very profitable Bible study resources. Dr. Cambron's clarification of the false doctrine of predestination for Salvation has been quite a help to many people. Read online here:  Read online here:

We are happy that we can provide you a link to these very profitable Bible study resources.

pecoverHandbook of Personal Evangelism

By Dr. A. Ray Stanford
December. 9, 1916 - May 21, 2012
Founder of Florida Bible College

  Read online here.

If you have a burden to win the lost, read this book and learn how to do it from a great soul winner. Dr. Stanford has graciously provided this book freely, so everyone can learn how to do personal evangelism.  If you have loved ones from other belief systems, there will be a chapter in here which will provide much  Scriptural help for you. You can obtain a copy here:      ..http://www.eph289.com

Personal Evangelism Handbook - Spanish Translation

Personal Evangelism Handbook - Chinese Translation

Personal Evangelism Handbook- Arabic Translation

The Horror Of The Great White Throne Judgment And How You Can Avoid it
By Michael Patrick Bowen
    Read online here:

This book points out the tragic situation of so many today. They think they are on their way to Heaven; but, they are not; as, they have not heard the clear Gospel of Grace. They are victims of those who preach a message of salvation mixed with human effort, and their ultimate end will be the Lake of Fire! Unless someone reaches them with the truth, they will hear the devastating words, "Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:" (Matthew 25:41). That is the message of this book.
Bowen documents the so-called "salvation" messages of some of the "great" pastors and evangelists of today, which do not give eternal life. He compares them to the message of Christ, which does give eternal life. He makes his comparisons respectfully, considering that these pastors and evangelists are just as deceived by Satan, the Father of Lies, as are their followers by the message they preach.
Here is the list of individuals he gives "The Plan of Salvation According to": Joel Osteen, Charles Stanley, Pat Robertson, Rick Warren, John Hagee, Beth Moore, James Dobson, Jimmy Swaggart, Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron; and, Franklin and Billy Graham.
Read the pdf online; or, if you wish to purchase your own copy of the book, it is available from the author; or, on Amazon.com. Read the book! You won't be disappointed.

MICHAEL BOWEN holds a Master's degree in English (Technical and Professional Communication) from East Carolina University. He is currently teaching college-level English composition at a community college and operates an IBM AS400 computer at a local hospital. He enjoys astronomy, martial arts, and reading.

Here Is a Classic written by one of God's Warriors for Truth, Harry A. Ironsides. The book examines the unscriptural doctrine that the church began with the Apostle Paul, when the Book of Ephesians plainly tells us that Christ is the Head of the Church. You can read it online here; but, you will have to look for your copy at Amazon. He has written over 100 books and though he has gone to his reward, his books are still in publication.   Read online here:

CGBEB6Two good friends: Bible Support and esword. We would like to thank Josh Bond for his hours of labor to get all Pastor Younce's books on this web site into the e-Sword program. We encourage you to take a look. After all, it's a free download!
1) Download and install e-Sword: http://www.e-sword.net/downloads.html
2) Download and install the Max Younce e-Sword Collection:
3) Start e-Sword. Click Tools from the main menu and then click Reference Library.
4) Select any Max Younce title from the drop down menu or type "younce" into the "filter" field in the top, right corner.



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