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I. Adam and Eve

I. 1. Why Did Adam and Eve Cover Themselves with Fig Leaves?
[0073] Fig Leaves vs. Coats of Skin

II. Alcohol

II. 1. Did Jesus Make Alcoholic Wine?
[0044 Jesus Making Wine]
II. 1. Were the Apostles Drunk On Wine at Pentecost?
[0045 Were They Drunk on Wine?]

III. Animals

III. 1. Do Animals Have a Spirit?
[0038 Do Animals Have a Spirit?]

IV. Biblical Chronology

IV. 1. Was There Time For Judah's Grandchildren?
[0168 Bible Chronology-Was There Time for Judah's Grandchildren?]

V. Bible Translations and Study Bibles

V. 1. Is the New International Version a Good Bible to Use?
[0033 The NIV Bible]
V. 2. Why Do the Apocrypha Only Appear In Catholic Bibles ?
[0117, 0118 The Apocrypha, Part One and Two]
V. 3. What Is the Septuagint?
V. 4. What Does Biblical Criticism Mean?
V. 5. Is the Cuneiform Language Related to the Bible?
V. 6. What Are the Targums, Talmud, and Midrash?
V. 7. What Is the Masoretic Text?
V. 8. Is the New World Translation the Only True Bible?
V. 9. Is the New King James True To the Hebrew and Greek Texts?
V. 10. Are the Sinai and Vatican the Oldest and Best Manuscripts?
V. 11. Is the NIV Easier to Understand Than the King James?
V. 12. Did the Gospel Writers Copy From Each Other?
V. 13. The Ryrie Study Bible?
[0238 through 243 inclusive, all one article]

VI. Catholicism and Lutheranism

VI. 1. Did Christ Have Any Brothers or Sisters?
VI. 2. Can a Priest Change Bread and Wine to Christ's Body and Blood?
[0013 Can a Catholic Priest Change the Bread and Wine?]
VI. 3. Was the Virgin Mary Sinless?
[0030 also 0133 Mary Was to Offer a Sacrifice?]
VI. 4. Where Is Lent Found in the Bible?
VI. 5. Can Men Forgive the Eternal Results of Sin?
VI. 6. Please Explain "And Call No Man Your Father...
VI. 7. What About the Apostle's Creed?
VI. 8. Is There Any Scripture for the Office of the Priesthood Today?
VI. 9. Why Has My Lutheran Friend Never Heard of the Rapture?
VI. 10. Should We Pray for Someone After Their Death?

VII. Church Procedures

VII. 1. Is It Right to Use Real Wine for Communion?
[0001 Which Is Right to Use, Grape Juice or Real Wine?]
VII. 2. Is the Celebration of Easter in the Bible?
VII. 3. What About Women Pastors?
VII. 4. Should We Practice Foot Washing Today?
[0194 What Is The Significance of Foot Washing?]
VII. 5. Questions About Who Should Take Communion?

VIII. Christian Walk

VIII.1. Why Do We Have Trials and Testings?
[0023 Trials and Testings]
VIII.2. Is Suicide the Unpardonable Sin?
VIII.3. A Note to Our Dear Readers.
VIII.4. Suicide Is Not the Answer!
VIII.5. Does Job 3:25 Mean Everything We Fear Will Come Upon Us?
[0077 Why Worry?]
VIII.6. Is It Wrong to Have a Christmas Tree?
VIII.7. Please Explain "Whosoever Is Born of God Doth Not Sin...
[0049 1 John 3:9]
VIII.8. Should We Pray the Lord's Prayer Every Day?
[0054 The Lord's Prayer]
VIII.9. Bear Your Own Burdens or One Another's?
[0071 Bear Your Own Burden]
VIII.10. Must We Pursue Holiness to Obtain Eternal Life?
[0072 Holiness]
VIII.11. Why Do Children Suffer?
VIII.12. Why did Christ say,"Turn the other cheek?
[0081 Turn the Other Cheek]
VIII.13. Is Forgiveness Without Trust Really Forgiveness?
[0084 Forgiveness and Trust]
VIII.14. Can the Soul and the Spirit Be Separated?
[0099 Separation of Soul and Spirit]
VIII.15. Do You Have to Turn From Your Sin to Be Saved?
VIII.16. What does, "Whosoever shall save his life shall lose it," mean
[0059 Matthew 16:5]
VIII.17. Is It a Sin to Play Cards on Sunday?
VIII.18. How Can I Know God's Will?
VIII.19. What Does the Bible Say About Men Wearing Earrings?
[0169 and 0170]
VIII.20. Does Galatians 5:17 Say Christians Can't Help But Sin?
[0100 also 0185 A Christian Cannot Sin]
VIII.21. Is There Such a Thing as Sinless Perfection?
[0196 Can a Christian Reach a Point Where They Cannot Sin?]
VIII.22. Does God Really Care If We Give to His Work or Not?

IX. Contradictions, "So-Called"

IX.1. How Many Blind Men Were Healed?
IX.2. Where Is This Written by Jeremiah?
[0007 Wasn't It Written by Jeremiah?]
IX.3. Why Doesn't God Know the Day and the Hour?
[0008 Why Doesn't God Know?]
IX.4. How Many Died In the Plague?
IX.5. Judas And the 30 Pieces of Silver.
IX.6. What Did King David Actually Pay For the Threshing Floor?
[0015 What Did David Pay for the Threshing Floor?]
IX.7. Was Moses' Father-in-law's Name Jethro; or Reuel?
[0040 Was His Name Jethro or Reuel?]
IX.8. Is There a Contradiction In the Size of King David's Army?
[0016 Contradition in the Size of Army]
IX.9. Was Israel In Bondage to Egypt 400 Years; or, 430 Years?
[[0041 Genesis 15:13 or Exodus 12:41?]
IX.10. At the Apostle Paul's Conversion, Did the Men Hear; or, Hear Not?
[0053 Is There a Mistranslation in Acts?]
IX.11. Did the Israelites Begin to Serve at Age 25; or, Age 30?
[0055 The Levites Begin at 25 or 30?]
IX.12. King David and Michal Had No Children. Who Fathered Her 5 Sons?
[0061 Michal's Five Sons]
IX.13. Was the King of Gath's Name Abimelech or Achish?
[62a King of Gath's Name, Abimelech or Achish?]
IX.14. God Tempts No Man; or "Lead Us Not Into Temptation?
[0094 God Tempts No Man vs Lead Us Not Into Temptation]
IX.15. Why Do the Books of James and Romans Seem to Disagree?
[0019 Faith and Words]
IX.16. The Christian's "Two Rests."
IX.17. Is There a Contradiction Between Acts 2:38 and John 3:16; or, Does Baptism Save?
[[0026a Contradition Between Acts 2:38 and John 3:16]
IX.18. Did the Apostle Paul Know Christ; And, Then, Not Know Him?
[0187 Did Paul Know Christ, then NOT know Him? 2 Corinthians 5:16]
IX.19. Was Crispus, or Sosthenes, the Ruler of the Synagogue in Acts 18?
[0199 Who Was the Chief Ruler of the Synagogue in Acts 18? Crispus or Sosthenes?]
IX.20. Explain the Seeming Time Discrepancy in John 19:14,16 and Mark 15:25
[0043 and 0183 Jewish and Roman Time]
IX.21. A So-Called Contradiction is Found in Luke 24:21 on the Road to Emmaus.

X. Creation

X.1. How Old Is the Earth?
[0095 The Original Creation or How Old Is the Earth?]
X.2. What Does "From the Beginning" Mean?
[0110 From the Beginning.]
X.3. Created vs. Made.
X.4. Where Did Cain Get His Wife?
X.5. Questions About the Flood and the Age of the Earth

XI. The Cross-LESS Gospel

XI.1. The Cross-less Gospel

XII. Difficult Scriptures

XII.1 Did God Create Evil?
XII.2. What Is the Unpardonable Sin?
[0089 There Is No Unpardonable Sin]
XII.3. What Was Joseph's Coat of Many Colors Really Like?
[0062b Joseph's Coat]
XII.4. They That Take the Sword Shall Perish With the Sword?
XII.5. What About the Short Bed in Isaiah 28:20?
XII.6. Will You Go to Hell for Calling Someone a Fool?
XII.7. Who Are the Overcomers in Revelation 2:17?
XII.8. Who Is Shiloh Who Washes His Garments In Wine?
XII.9. Seven Women to One Man?

XIII. Doctrine

XIII.1. Do I Have to Come Forward in Church to Be Saved?

XIII.2. Will Hitler Be in Heaven at the "Times of Restitution"?
XIII.3. "...My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?"
XIII.4. Please Explain "Give not that...is holy unto the dogs."

XIV. Eternal Security

XIV.1. Is It Imposssible for Those Who "Fall Away to Be Saved?
XIV.2. Does Romans 11:20,21 Mean You Can Lose Your Salvation?

XV. God, the Father

XV.1. Are There Any Lies in the Bible?
[0036 Lies In the Bible]
XV.2. Is There Anything God Cannot Do?
XV.3. Is God a Respecter of Persons?
XV.4. Is God Truly a Righteous Judge?
XV.5. Does God Chasten Christians Because He Hates Them?

XVI. Heaven

XVI.1. Did the Old Testament Saints Go to Heaven?
XVI.2. Will We Be Angels in Heaven?
XVI.3. Will We Have a New Name in Heaven?

XVII. Hell

XVII.1. Is It Dark in Hell?

XVIII. Homosexuality

XVIII.1. Did God Create Homosexuals?
[0031 and 0017 Gays and Lesbians Created by God?]

XIX. Infant Baptism

XIX.1. Does Acts 16:31,33 Mean Babies Are to Be Baptized?
[0131 Does Acts 16:31,33 Mean Babies Must Be Baptized?]

XX. Israel

XX.1. Why Didn't the Israelites Eat the Herds They Had With Them?
[0076 Manna or Herds)
XX.2. When Will There Be Peace in Israel? Part 1
XX.3. When Will There Be Peace in Israel? Part 2
XX.4. When Will There Be Peace in Israel? Part 3
XX.5. Will There Be Peace in Israel? Part 4
XX.6. Israel's False Peace and Destruction. Part 5
XX.7. When Will There Be Peace in Israel? Part 6
XX.8. Will There Be Peace in Israel? - Conclusion
XX.9. Is Present Israel Back In the Land to Stay?
[0244 Are the Jews Back In the Land to Stay?]

XXI. Jesus Christ

XXI.1. Is Melchizedek Jesus Christ in the Old Testament?
[0011 Is Melchisedec Jesus Christ in the Old Testament?]
XXI.2. Was Christ Born in December?
XXI.3. Why Two Accounts for the Nativity?
XXI.4. Was Jesus Christ Just a Good Man?
XXI.5. What does "the Sceptre shall not depart from Judah" mean?
[0048 Genesis 49:10]
XXI.6. Why Does the Bible Give Two Different Genealogies for Christ?
XXI.7. Where Did Christ Go When He Died?
[0096 Two Different Genealogies]
XXI.8. What Is Jesus' Name?

Note: From this point on the numbers will be alpha-numeric.

Ia. Lordship Salvation

Ia.1. Must We Accept Jesus as Savior and Lord to Have Eternal Life?

IIa. Marriage and Family

IIa.1. Should a Woman Take Her Husband's Name?
IIa.2. Do We Have to Hate Our Family to Serve the Lord?
[0070 Love or Hate of Family]
IIa.3. When Does Life Begin?
IIa.4. Does An Unbelieving Spouse Become a Believer If He Marries a Believer?
IIa.5. What Does the Bible Say About Interracial Marriages?
IIa.6. What Does the Bible Say to Abused Wives?
IIa.7 Should a Protestant Marry a Roman Catholic?

IIIa. Ministry

IIIa.1. Does Divorce Disqualify a Man for the Pastorate? Case 1
IIIa.2. Does Divorce Disqualify a Man from the Pastorate? Case 2
IIIa.3. Can a Man Who Has Divorced and Remarried Be a Pastor? Case 3

IVa. Noah's Ark

IVa.1. How Could Noah's Ark Hold All the Species of Animals?
[0012 How Could Noah's Ark Hold All Those Animals?]
IVa.2. Were There Rooms In the Ark?
IVa.3. In What Period in History Did Noah Live?
IVa.4. How Long Did It Take Noah to Build the Ark?

Va. Occult

Va.1. Explain "the Light at the End of the Tunnel" and Near Death Experiences
Va.2 What Does Knitting Shawls Have to Do With a "Mother God"?

VIa. Parables

VIa.1. What Does the Parable of the Laborers Mean?
[0047 Parable of the Laborers]
VIa.2. Why Was the Unprofitable Servant Cast Into Hell?
[0042 Grace or Works]

VIIa. Predestination, Foreknowledge, Election

VIIa.1 Is the World's Condition God's Fault?
VIIa.2.They Closed Their Own Eyes!
VIIa.3. Does God Give Us the Faith to Believe With?
VIIa.4. Does God Predestinate Only Some to Be Saved?
VIIa.5. Please Define "Predestination" in Ephesians 1:5
VIIa.6. Please Define "Predestination" in Ephesians 1:11,12?
VIIa.7. What Is the Meaning of the Word "Predestination" In Romans 8:29?
VIIa.8. When Did God Begin to Hate Esau, as in Romans 9:13?
VIIa.9. Did Christ Predestinate Some to Salvation and Not Others?
VIIa.10. Who Hardened Pharaoh's Heart?

VIII.a Prophecy

VIIIa.1. Who Is The Rider on the White Horse?
[0024 Rider on a White Horse]
VIIIa.2. Did God Predict That We Would Have Television?
[0035 TV and the Bible]
VIIIa.3. Is Gog and Magog Russia and Why Does She Attack Israel?
[0067 Why Will Russia Attack Israel and Who Is Russia?]
VIIIa.4. Who Will Be Russia's Allies?
[0064, 0265]
VIIIa.5. When Will Russia Attack Israel?
VIIIa.6 How Will God Destroy the Armies of Russia and Her Allies?
VIIIa.7. When Will the Armies of Russia and Her Allies Be Destroyed?
[0068 When Will God Destroy Russia?]
VIIIa.8. Will Children Go at the Rapture?
VIIIa.9. Can I Be Saved After the Rapture?
VIIIa.10. Will Backslidden Christians Go at the Rapture?
VIIIa.11. When Will All Of Israel Be Saved?
[0113 All of Israel Will Be Saved]
VIIIa.12. Is This Present Earth Going to Be Renovated, or Annihilated?
VIIIa.13. Is the Rapture Before, During; Or, After the Tribulation Period?
VIIIa.14. Please Give An Explanation of Daniel 9:24-27.
VIIIa.15. An Outline of Future Prophecy.
VIIIa.16. Who Are the "Two Witnesses" In Revelation 11?
VIIIa.17. Who Are the Two Olive Trees of Zechariah Four?
[0252 The Two Olive Trees of Zechariah Four]

IXa. Psalms

IXa.1 What Are Some Guidelines for Study of the Psalms?
IXa.2. What Are the Meanings of the Psalm Titles?
IXa.3. How Can the Imprecatory Psalms Be Explained?


Xa.1. What Does The Bible Say About Reincarnation?

XIa. Repentance

XIa.1. Three Words Translated "Repentance" and Their Meanings.
[0257 The Case of the Pride Filled Church, Explanation of 2 Corinthianns 7:10

XIIa.  Resurrection

XIIa.1. How Could Jonah Live After Being Swallowed By A Whale
[0022 Jonah and the Whale]
XIIa.2. Was Christ Before Pilate At the Sixth Hour; or On the Cross?
XIIa.3. 3a. The Fallacy of "Good Friday" and "Easter Sunday"
XIIa.4. 3b. Diagram A. 72 Hours in the Grave to Fulfill Matthew 12:40
XIIa.5. 3c. Explanation of the Time Chart of the Events During the Trial and Conviction of Jesus: Diagram B
XIIa.6. 3d. Diagram B.  A Time Chart of Events During the Week of Christ's Trial, Crucifixion, and Resurrection.

XIIIa. The Sabbath

XIIIa.1. How Is The Sabbath Made For Man?
XIIIa.2. The Sabbath
[0088 Article on "The Sabbath"]

XIVa.  Salvation

XIVa.1. Can I Know, with Certainty, If I Am Going to Heaven?
[0021 Can I Know?]
XIVa.2. Can a Saved Person Ever Be Lost?
XIVa.3. Does Hebrews 10:26-30 Mean a Christian Can Go to Hell?
XIVa.4. Please Explain the Rich Man and The Kingdom of God
XIVa.5. Why Does the Sin of Adam Make All Men Sinners?
[0069 Original Sin]
XIVa.6. Is Baptism Required for Salvation?
XIVa.7. Once Saved, Always Saved; Or Eternally Secure?
[0114 Once Saved, Always Saved]
XIVa.8. What Is The Fruit of Salvation? John 15:4
[0128 The Fruit of Salvation]
XIVa.9. What Happens If We Die with Unconfessed Sin?
XIVa.10. Does Galatians 5:4 Teach That You Can Lose Your Salvation?
[0056, 0184 Falling From Grace]
XIVa.11. How Can I Witness to My Jewish Friends?
XIVa.12. Does Titus 3:5 Teach Baptism For Salvation?
XIVa.13. Does Doing Good to Your Fellow Man Get You to Heaven?

XVa. Satan and the Demons

XVa.1. Was the Serpent In Eden a Literal Snake?
[0006 Was the Serpent a Literal Snake?]
XVa.2. Why Did God Create the Devil?
XVa.3. Why Do the Devils Tremble When They Believe?
[0037 The Devils Also Believe and Tremble?]
XVa.4. Can Satan Deceive Us With Visions and Dreams?

XVIa. Tongues, Faith Healing, Signs

XVIa.1. What Are the Greater Works Spoken of in John 14:12?
[0002 John 14:12]
XVIa.2. What Was Paul's Thorn?
[0074 Paul's Thorn]
XVIa.3. Is There Physical Healing in the Atonement?
XVIa.4. Is Speaking In Tongues Proof of Salvation?
[0115, 0166]

XVIIa. Young Earth, A False Doctrine

XVIIa.1. The Fraudulent Young Earth Theory or Philosophy
XVIIa.2. Two Views of Creation
XVIIa.3. Creation Diagram One : The Gap Principle Illustrated
XVIIa.4. Genesis One, “Created” and “Made.”
XVIIa.5. Lucifer, The Anointed Cherub and The Angels of God
XVIIa.6. Satan and The First Garden of Eden
XVIIa.7. The Five “I Wills” of Satan.
XVIIa.8. Holding to A Young Earth Philosophy of 6,000 Years, Causes Your Witnessing to Be Ineffective.
XVIIa.9. What Does The Bible Say?
XVIIa.10. The Days of Remodeling.
XVIIa.11. The Big Lie, No Sin Before Adam
XVIIa.12. No Death Before Adam, Another Lie!
XVIIa.13. The Hermeneutical Gap Principle
XVIIa.14. What About the Length of Days In Genesis, Chapter One
XVIIa.15. Hell Was Prepared for the Devil and His Angels







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