Father For a Day

An image of an elderly man playing baseball and a young boy in a baseball uniform as catcher.
Father For a Day

It looked like business as usual
At the City Daily News.
Reporters were filing their stories,
And editors writing their views.

Just as the action peaked,
And the big press began to run.
The front door suddenly opened.
A young boy surprised everyone.

“Where’s the “Help Wanted”?
“I need to place an ad.
“I am looking for a Father,”
Is what the young boy said.

“Here is my advertisement.
The job only lasts for a day.
I am hoping to find someone
That I won’t have to pay.”

So, “Father for a day,” said the Editor,
“Is what you’re looking for.”
“What does he have to do,
You must list each and every chore.”

“My school has planned a baseball game;
Where the Fathers play the Sons.
They want to see which team
Can make the most Home Runs.”

“Every guy that’s on my team
Will have his Father there;
But, my Father is far away,
And this day he cannot share.

He told me there’d be someone
Who’d be glad to take his place.
Someone good at batting
And getting to Home Base.”

“He said he really wished that he
Could play for me that day;
But, he’s fighting for our freedom
In a country far away.

And, I can’t get just anyone,
They must be just like him.
One who does not fight or swear;
Or bend the rules to win.

He put some coins on the counter.
“The game is just two days away.”
“I need a “stand-in” Father soon;
And, this is all that I can pay.”

The Editor gave his money back.
“Son, you’ve no need to run that ad.
I’d be honored to be a substitute;
And play baseball for your Dad.”

“You see, my son is fighting, too,
In that country far away.
I will play on your team,
And you’ll be my “son for a day.”

Give me the time and place
Of this “Father/Son” ball game.
I promise you that I’ll be there,”
And gave the boy his name.

Soon the day arrived,
And the Editor kept his word.
He was a player of past fame.
Soon his home run bat was heard.

The ball game ended in a tie;
And it was good fun all the way.
Each received the special gift
Of “Father,” or “Son” for the day.

When the Editor wrote his story
There was a lesson there to learn;
Of how to help our fellowman,
Who for Father, or Son, does yearn.

Just by spending a little time
With a soldier’s, or anyone’s, son;
You’ll give a Father peace of mind,
And your blessings have just begun!

The example is our Heavenly Father
Who unselfishly gave His Son
To pay for our sin on a cruel cross,
Providing Salvation for everyone.

So, as you mentor a Father or Son;
There’s no greater help you can give,
Than to explain the Gospel clearly;
So, for Eternity in Heaven they’ll live.


“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”(John 3:16) (KJT)
Poem by Marge Younce


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