Bible Doctrines Class Complete

  • Jehovaistic Combinations
  • Rapture vs the Revelation
  • Index
  • Timeline of Prophecy
  • Theology - The Doctrine of God
  • Christology - The Doctrine of Christ
  • Pneumatology - The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
  • Hamartiology - The Doctrine of Sin
  • Soteriology - The Doctrine of Salvation
  • Ecclesiology - The Doctrine of the Church
  • Anthropology - The Doctrine of Man
  • Angelology - The Doctrine of Angels
  • Eschatology - The Doctrine of Last Things

We hope you will enjoy listening to these Bible Doctrine Classes. The text book is "Bible Doctrines, Beliefs that Matter," by Dr. Mark G. Cambron, and may be downloaded free from this site at this link. It was written while he was Dean at Tennessee Temple. You can download it at no cost.

Image of Bible Doctrine book by Dr. Mark G. Cambron...Read Free Online
Bible Doctrines - Beliefs That Matter by Dr. Mark G. Cambron available from The Cambron Institute - A Ministry of the Florida Bible College Alumni Association; or, Seaside Mission, Kissimmee, FL

Download Text Book Here

Dr. Max D. Younce is our teacher, and these recordings are from an actual series of classes held in Heritage Bible Institute, here in Walnut Grove, Minnesota.

BIBLE DOCTRINES! The basic doctrines of the fundamental, Christian faith that every believer should know. We have put up the audio tapes to one of our real Institute classes. This will answer many of your questions and help you in your witnessing.

Dr. Younce’s method is to teach for success, so he combines the lecture and test method. He lectures on the topic, then gives the test questions out ahead of time, as well as the answers. He explains the answers as he goes along. His goal is for you to learn, and be successful in passing the tests.

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: (16) That the man (and woman) of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works. (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

We do not offer any type of online credit for taking the course, nor are we able to proctor any tests. These classes are strictly for information and enjoyment only, but we believe you will profit from listening to the classes, taking the tests, then checking answers against the:  Bible Doctrine Test Answer Keys

It was always traditional for "Doc" (Dr.  Mark G. Cambron) to begin each class with his favorite song. Please join in with Dr. Younce, and the rest of the class as we sing "Blessed be the Name."

Class Audio for Theology
  1. Theology 1

2. Theology 2

3. Theology 3

4. Theology 4


1. Click Here to Download Bible Doctrines Test One - Theology

Class Audio for Christology

5. Christology 1

6. Christology 2

7. Christology 3

8. Christology 4


2. Click Here to Download Bible Doctrines Test Two - Christology

Class Audio for Pneumatology (The first part of discussion on Pneumatology begins on "8. Christology 4.")

9. Pneumatology 2

10. Pneumatology 3


3. Click Here to Download Bible Doctrines Test Three - Pneumatology

Class Audio for Harmatiology

11. Test Questions - Hamartiology 1

12. Hamartiology 2

13. Hamartiology 3


4. Click Here to Download Test Four - Hamartiology

Class Audio for Soteriology

5. Click Here to Download Bible Doctrines Test Five - Soteriology

14. Soteriology 1

15. Soteriology 2

16. Soteriology 3 - Ecclesiology 1

Class Audio for Ecclesiology

17. Ecclesiology 2

18a. Ecclesiology 3 - Test Questions

18b. Ecclesiology 3 - Test Questions


6.Click Here to Download Bible Doctrines Test Six - Ecclesiology

Class Audio for Anthropology

19. Anthropology 1

20. Anthropology 2

21. Anthropology 3


7. Click Here to Download Bible Doctrines Test 7 - Anthropology

Class Audio for Angelology

22. Angelology 1

23. Angelology 2

24. Test Questions for Angelology


8.Click Here to Download Bible Doctrines Test Eight - Angelology

Class Audio for Eschatology

25. Ecshatology 1

26. Eschatology 2

27. Eschatology 3

29. Eschatology Test Questions A

30. Eschatology Test Questions B


9. Click Here to Download Bible Doctrines Test Nine - Eschatology

Audio for Final Class Discussion of Eschatology

31. Eschatology - Final Discussion A

32. Eschatology - Final Discussion B

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