Bible Question and Answer Archive 5

VIIa. Predestination, Foreknowledge, Election

VIIa.1 Is the World's Condition God's Fault?   (0091)
VIIa.2.They Closed Their Own Eyes!   (0090)
VIIa.3. Does God Give Us the Faith to Believe With?   (0206)
VIIa.4. Does God Predestinate Only Some to Be Saved?   (0209)
VIIa.5. Please Define "Predestination" in Ephesians 1:5   (0210)
VIIa.6. Please Define "Predestination" in Ephesians 1:11,12?   (0211)
VIIa.7. What Is the Meaning of the Word "Predestination" In Romans 8:29?   (0212)
VIIa.8. When Did God Begin to Hate Esau, as in Romans 9:13?   (0213)
VIIa.9. Did Christ Predestinate Some to Salvation and Not Others?   (0214)
VIIa.10. Who Hardened Pharaoh's Heart?   (0215)
VIIa.11. Does John 12:40 Teach Predestination?   (0270)
VIIa.12. What Is the Meaning of the Word "Dead" in Ephesians 2:1 to 5 Re: Salvation?  (0265)

VIII.a Prophecy

VIIIa.1. Who Is The Rider on the White Horse?   (0025)
VIIIa.2. Did God Predict That We Would Have Television?    (0035 - TV and the Bible)
VIIIa.3. Is Gog and Magog Russia and Why Does She Attack Israel?   (0006)
VIIIa.4. Who Will Be Russia's Allies?   (0048/0064/0065)
VIIIa.5. When Will Russia Attack Israel?   (0066)
VIIIa.6 How Will God Destroy the Armies of Russia and Her Allies?   (0067)
VIIIa.7. When Will the Armies of Russia and Her Allies Be Destroyed?   (0068)
VIIIa.8. Will Children Go at the Rapture?   (0058)
VIIIa.9. Can I Be Saved After the Rapture?   (0104)
VIIIa.10. Will Backslidden Christians Go at the Rapture?   (0103)
VIIIa.11. When Will All Of Israel Be Saved?   (0113)
VIIIa.12. Is This Present Earth Going to Be Renovated, or Annihilated?   (0193)
VIIIa.13. Is the Rapture Before, During; Or, After the Tribulation Period?   (0203)
VIIIa.14. Please Give An Explanation of Daniel 9:24-27.   (0245)
VIIIa.15. An Outline of Future Prophecy.   (0233)
VIIIa.16. Who Are the "Two Witnesses" In Revelation 11?   (0253)
VIIIa.17. Who Are the Two Olive Trees of Zechariah Four?   (0252)
VIIIa.18. Who Will Be the Antichrist?   (0267)
VIIIa.19. What About the 144,000 Jews That are Only Named In Revelation, Chapters 7 and 14   (0264)
VIIIa.20. Ezekiel 39, God's Answer to the Invasion of Israel   (0251)
VIIIa.21. From the Rapture to the Covenant in Daniel 9:27   (0247)
VIIIa.22. Discerning the Times: Rapture or Revelation?   (246)
VIIIa.23. Revelation, Chapter 12 - What Do the "Dragon" and the "Woman" Represent?   (0256)
VIIIa.24. I Am Confused About the "Days" of Daniel.   (0201)
VIIIa.25. "In the Fullness of Time...God Sent Forth His Son."   (260b)

IXa. Psalms

IXa.1 What Are Some Guidelines for Study of the Psalms?   (0148)
IXa.2. What Are the Meanings of the Psalm Titles?   (0149)
IXa.3. How Can the Imprecatory Psalms Be Explained?   (0151)


Xa.1. What Does The Bible Say About Reincarnation?   (0257)

XIa. Repentance

XIa.1. Three Words Translated "Repentance" and Their Meanings.  (0257 - The Case of the Pride-Filled Church...)

XIIa.  Resurrection

XIIa.1. How Could Jonah Live After Being Swallowed By A Whale   (0022 - Jonah and the Whale)
XIIa.2. Was Christ Before Pilate At the Sixth Hour; or On the Cross?
XIIa.3. 3a. The Fallacy of "Good Friday" and "Easter Sunday"    (0142)
XIIa.4. 3b. Diagram A. 72 Hours in the Grave to Fulfill Matthew 12:40
XIIa.5. 3c. Explanation of the Time Chart of the Events During the Trial and Conviction of Jesus: Diagram B
XIIa.6. 3d. Diagram B.  A Time Chart of Events During the Week of Christ's Trial, Crucifixion, and Resurrection.

XIIIa. The Sabbath

XIIIa.1. How Is The Sabbath Made For Man?  (0005 - The Sabbath and Man)
XIIIa.2. The Sabbath  (0088)

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