“And That From a Child…”

And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. 2 Timothy 3:15

There goes the school bus
With my "little boy,"
Another woman will teach
My little "pride and joy,"
Things of this world,
All the things I abhor;
And, because of her influence,
He could be mine no more.

Now I know what Jochobed
Prayed on that day,
As that little ark of reeds
Floated far, far away,
Down a flowing river filled
With lurking crocodiles.
Lord, protect my child
Through life's evil miles.

No longer just a little girl
Peddling down the sidewalk;
Or, a teen ager in her room,
Enjoying cell phone talk.
Our daughter's off to college
And she's a "big girl" now.
Making godly decisions,
As her choices show.

One day she says, "Mother,
I know God sent this one,"
Then she walks down the aisle
To another mother's son."
Lord, grant me the faith
Rebekah's mother had that day,
As she watched that caravan,
Disappearing on its way.

Nature takes its course
And the verdict is "Grandson."
But the baby's premature,
And they lose their little one.
I grieve with her; but,
My grief's not at all like hers,
"We'll see him again in Heaven,"
Is all that reassures.

Our family helped them lay
Their little one to rest;
It's a hard time to trust
That our God does what's best.
Our Gracious God already knew
What his future life could be,
Possibly keeping him from
A life of pain and misery.

One day, "Mom, she said,
"I still feel an empty chair,
And that another little one
Should be sitting there;"
I remind her that God gave
Bathsheba four more sons,
One of which would be
Ancestor to God's Holy One.

The official letter came today,
And it lies unread.
"We regret to inform you,"
Does not need to be said.
Now, I understand the depth
Of another mother's loss,
Looking up at her son
From the foot of the Cross.

One day I'll feel her joy
When He arose from the grave;
Her Son, the Perfect Sacrifice,
Mankind from sin did save.
At His Ascension from the Mount,
She knew in Heaven they'd meet.
"It was finished," on the Cross;
And Salvation is complete!

And, just like Mary's Child,
My children are lent to me;
So, the very first lesson
Taught each day at my knee,
Was Jesus died upon the Cross
For their sin to pay,
And, my true comfort is;
We'll meet in Heaven one day.


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