Bible Question and Answer Archive 1

I. Adam and Eve

I. 1. Why Did Adam and Eve Cover Themselves with Fig Leaves?  (0073 - Fig Leaves vs. Coats of Skin)

II. Alcohol

II. 1. Did Jesus Make Alcoholic Wine?   (0044 - Jesus Making Wine)
II. 2. Were the Apostles Drunk On Wine at Pentecost?  (0045 - Were They Drunk on Wine?)
II. 3. Does the Bible Teach Temperance; or, Abstinence?  (0263)

IIb. Angels

IIb. 1. Who Are the Sons of God In Genesis 6:1 to 4?  (0261)

III. Animals

III. 1. Do Animals Have a Spirit?   (0038)

IV. Biblical Chronology

IV. 1. Was There Time For Judah's Grandchildren?  (0168)

V. Bible Translations and Study Bibles

V. 1. Is the New International Version a Good Bible to Use?  (0033)
V. 2. Why Do the Apocrypha Only Appear In Catholic Bibles ?  (0117)
V. 3. What Is the Septuagint?  (0116)
V. 4. What Does Biblical Criticism Mean?  (0139)
V. 5. Is the Cuneiform Language Related to the Bible?  (0031)
V. 6. What Are the Targums, Talmud, and Midrash?  (0141)
V. 7. What Is the Masoretic Text?  (0167)
V. 8. Is the New World Translation the Only True Bible?  (0146)(0171 or..."a Good Bible to Use?)
V. 9. Is the New King James True To the Hebrew and Greek Texts?  (0181)
V. 10. Are the Sinai and Vatican the Oldest and Best Manuscripts? (0179)
V. 11. Is the NIV Easier to Understand Than the King James? (0175)
V. 12. Did the Gospel Writers Copy From Each Other?  (0173)
V.13. The Ryrie Study Bible - Mark 16:9-16  (0238)
V.14. The Ryrie Study Bible 2 - Mark 16:9-16 Conclusion (0239)
V.15. The Ryrie Study Bible 3 - 1 Corinthians 13:10 ( 0240)
V.16. The Ryrie Study Bible 4 - "The Two-Coupon Ticket to Heaven"  (0241)
V.17. The Ryrie Study Bible 5 - Romans 8:1  (0242)
V.18. The Ryrie Study Bible 6 - Conclusion (0243
V.19. Where the Chapter and Verse Divisions Always In the Bible?  (0144)
V.20. What Are the Homologoumena and Antilegomena?(0137)

VI. Catholicism and Lutheranism

VI. 1. Did Christ Have Any Brothers or Sisters?  (0004)
VI. 2. Can a Priest Change Bread and Wine to Christ's Body and Blood?   (0013)
VI. 3. Was the Virgin Mary Sinless?  (0133)((0030 - Mary Was to Offer a Sacrifice?)
VI. 4. Where Is Lent Found in the Bible?  (0098)
VI. 5. Can Men Forgive the Eternal Results of Sin?  (0136)
VI. 6. Please Explain "And Call No Man Your Father...  (0178)
VI. 7. What About the Apostle's Creed?  (0190)
VI. 8. Is There Any Scripture for the Office of the Priesthood Today?  (0189)
VI. 9. Why Has My Lutheran Friend Never Heard of the Rapture?  (0188)
VI. 10. Should We Pray for Someone After Their Death? (0205)

VII. Church Procedures

VII. 1. Is It Right to Use Real Wine for Communion?  (0001)
VII. 2. Is the Celebration of Easter in the Bible? (0097)
VII. 3. What About Women Pastors?  (0079)
VII. 4. Should We Practice Foot Washing Today?  (o197)
VII. 5. Questions About Who Should Take Communion?  (0205)

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