God’s “Cold Case” Files

Between three and six of a dark afternoon,
On the 14th of Nisan, about A.D. 33,
The seminal event of all time occurred,
The Perfect Lamb of God died on Calvary.

“But not for himself,” the Prophet Daniel shares,
As his witness from long ago is hurled.
The Baptist testified about this “Perfect Lamb,”
Who “taketh away the sins of the world.”

Hear the witness of the beloved Apostle John.
“He came unto his own, but they received him not,”
They chose their tradition, not the Living Word,
Closed their eyes and ears and began to plot.

But, hear the admonition of the Apostle Paul,
To the Church he named the “Wild Olive Tree.”
“Boast not against the branches,” broken off;
But be thankful for the Root that beareth thee.

He warns the world in Romans, Chapter Three,
That no man can be saved by law, works, or race.
This convicts the  world as “guilty before God.”
Throw yourself on God’s Mercy,plead His Grace.

For evidence about this seeming tragic event,
From which we take our recording of time,
We look into the pages of God’s Holy Word,
Where we find a truth most sublime!

The Savior’s sacrifice was foreordained
Before the world’s foundation was built;
And though he was slain by wicked hands,
Holy hands could have done it without guilt.

Men, in faith, could have gently lifted Him up,
Waiting three days and three nights at the tomb,
Perhaps to even witness another great event,
His Resurrection as He escaped death’s gloom!

Well, all the evidence is in; and,
All the witnesses have testified.
Redemption’s price has been paid,
The world’s sin debt has been satisfied.

The price for your home in Heaven is paid.
The Savior outstretches His arms to you in grace,
Please don’t reject His gift of Salvation free,
And choose the flames of Hell in its place.

Recall the afternoon hours of three and six,
On the 14th of Nisan, about the Year 33,
When the seminal event of all time occurred,
The Perfect Lamb of God died for you on Calvary!

Case closed!

Marjorie A. Younce


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