The Power of “One” with God

Image of a Pastor praying against a sunset."Dear Lord, my reaping has brought in so few.

I fear I have failed in my work for you.

I teach and preach and lead them in prayer,

Not caring if one, or a hundred are there;

But hearts are hard and they turn a deaf ear.
The truth of your Word, few seem to hear."
"My Child, I cherish each single soul,
Who serves in my Army, in whatever role.

My band of disciples oft' made me frown;
Later, they turned the world upside down!
Andrew brought Peter, that was just one;
But, at his first sermon 3,000 were won.

"What shall we
then say to
these things?
If God be for us,
who can be
against us?"
-Romans 8:31
My servant, Paul,
A single firebrand.
Ignited churches
In many a land.
He multiplied himself,
Writing out my Word;
Where he could not go,
It could still be heard.

He trained their pastors, especially Timothy,
Evangelized the Roman world for eternity.
That faithful pastor who brought you my Word;
If he had stayed home, you might not have heard.

Think of the teachers at whose feet you learned,
How to make clear the Gospel; your credentials earned.
They taught Bible doctrines with extreme clarity;
Which, in these days, is a precious rarity.

So, keep right on running, even though you're just one,
Don't "throw in the towel;" for the race is not done.
You will never know until the Harvest is in,
How many souls you've been able to win.
Despise not the day of things that are small,
Take courage, Dear Child, and give it your all!

Marjorie A. Younce

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