Hymns from the Heart by Pianist – Ed Cummins

Please meet Ed Cummins and his lovely wife, Merlene. Ed Cummins is the gentleman who plays the lovely rendition of the old hymn, Amazing Grace, that we have often used as our theme song for  programs on the internet. Now, we had a pressing need for one that we could put a  "voice-over" of our radio intro on. The Lord stepped in, because all of a sudden, "Ed Cummins - Pianist" popped up  on our Facebook. I will let Ed take it from here.

 "I had a recording session today. My brother in law, Bob Adams brought his recording studio over. We got 4 hymns done. The quality of the piano sound is great. It’s nice to have good equipment and someone who knows how to use it.   Pastor Younce used one of my piano solo recordings for the theme song on his broadcast. That was many years ago. Could I do another song for their new broadcast? I was honored that they asked and pleased to do it.
That was the reason for today’s session. I am very pleased with the results. It was one of those magic moments when every note was right. It doesn’t often happen that way. So we just kept recording. We didn’t want to stop.
I would like to post these songs someplace and set it up so that anyone interested can download them free of charge. If anyone knows how to do this, I could sure use some advice. I’m open to suggestions. Thanks in advance."
    So, here they are.  You are free to be blessed by  the hearing, and free to download. You do not even have to join or think of a  pass-word. We hope you enjoy  them.  


  1.   Come, Thou Fount

Come, Thou

2.  Mansion Over the Hilltop

04 Mansion Over the Hilltop_1

3.  He Keeps Me Singing

05 He Keeps Me Singing_1

4.  When We All Get to Heaven

When We All Get to Heaven

.   Amazing Grace


New Radio Theme

New Opening Theme


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