Mother’s Legacy

An image of a Bible and a rose to illustrate the poem,  Mother's Legacy, written by Marjorioes
Mother's Bible Was Her Legacy

 Mother's up in Heaven, now;
She left her legacy behind.
Much more precious far than gold:
Or any diamond mined.

I took it down from the shelf,
It's pages are old and worn.
Some are even stained with tears
From unknown sorrows born.

And where she underlined a verse,
There's a message there for me.
Of course, I know them all by heart,
I learned them at her knee.

That's where I came to know the Lord
At a very tender age.
She taught that "Jesus died for me,"
From each Salvation page.

"We have not, because we ask not,"
She often used to say;
Then, she took us to the Throne of Grace,
And taught us how to pray.

Each night we heard her pray for us.
"They're your children, too," she'd say.
"Thou who sees the sparrow's fall,
Guide my children's steps each day."

She taught us how to "grow in grace,"
By daily reading of God's Word.
She taught us by example,
A silent lesson, clearly heard.

And, if we had a problem,
"The Bible's where the answer's found."
That's what Mother lived before us;
And, remembered,...
When she's not around.

And so, I turn to John Three Sixteen,
With my little one at my knee.
I teach him what my Mother taught,
"That Jesus died for me."

Simply I explain to him,
"All you have to do is believe
Jesus died to pay for your sin,
And Eternal Life you'll receive."

Mother's legacy was not her Bible;
But, the truth each page contains;
And, if we teach our children these,
My Mother's legacy remains.

"...Silver and gold have I none; but
such as I have give I thee:..." Acts 3:6b

By Marjorie A. Younce

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