Don’t Just Buy a Poppy; Lend a Hand

Some members of the Cleveland Browns lend a hand to help a veteran fix up his home.

"In Flander's Fields the poppies grow,
Between the crosses, row on row,"
A flower that reminds us, it is said,
To memorialize our honored dead.

They actually are sold
On behalf of those returned,
Who also our deepest
Gratitude have earned;

Some, broken in their body,
With valiant spirit live.
They deserve all the honor
That the U.S.A. can give!

And though there's only roo
On your lapel for just one,
Buy a bouquet in memory
Of some grieving Mother's son,

Who lies among those "crosses,
Standing row upon row."
It's a very small way
Your gratitude to show.

Buy in honor of those
Who served by their side.
In combat, they weren't
Just along "for the ride."

What happened to one,
Happened to them all;
As they, too, without a thought
Answered duty's call.

So, don't just wear a poppy
There in your lapel.
Do everything you can
To lend a hand, as well.

If they can't pay their bills,
The bank doesn't care,
They'll foreclose on our soldiers;
Even, over there.

Lend them a hand,
They don't want a hand-out.
Use your influence
To help bring things about.

Extend opportunities,
They'll do their very best,
With a rolling start,
They can handle all the rest.

"Cast thy bread on the waters:"
Is what the Bible says,
"For thou shalt find it (again)
After many days.

Give a portion to seven,
And also to eight;
For thou knowest not
What evil" does await.

The "bread" is your wealth
With which God has blessed.
"Casting" is giving;
And the "waters," mankind in stress.

Give generously your "portion,"
And not just to a few.
"Finding it again"
Is the satisfaction felt by you.

Don't forget to "cast" about
The Bread sent down from Heaven.
Whose death on that Cross,
Was our sin payment given.

When a soldier receives Christ
And Heaven's eternally his home,
He can find true spiritual comfort
When the evil days are come.

Let's be considerate of  their sorrow,
On this Memorial Day;
As among the crosses,
Their own wreaths they lay.

Give honor to them
For what they have gone through,
To preserve our nation free for us,
And for our families, too.

(Ecclesiastes 11:1-2)

By: Marjorie A. Younce

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