Once, Or; Twice, In Every Lifetime…

Once, or twice, in every lifetime
There will come a Gethsemane.
Something that can’t be faced alone;
And we begin to ask, Why me?

God’s work you’ve spent your life on,
Seems cast aside like trash.
What you thought would be eternal,
Blows about like a cold fire’s ash.

Those you thought you could count on,
Are not as loyal as they professed to be.
Where God guides, strength He provides,
We learn from our Lord’s Gethsemane.

He knew God was able to save him;
But the victr’y over Satan must be won.
He was the only perfect substitute.
The Son obeyed; the Father’s will was done.

Even though He knew the Father’s will,
Our Lord went into the Garden to pray.
That’s Lesson One when trouble comes.
Pray, “Lord, what should I do today?”

We tend to fight with the “arm of flesh.”
Human reasoning is a second-best sword.
“Father, all things are possible to thee;”
Never forget, the battle is the Lord’s.

“Watch…and pray, lest iye (fall).
The spirit is ready, but the flesh is weak.”
He spoke these words for us today;
When these words to Peter he did speak.

So, trust in the Lord, Dear Christian.
Fight God’s battles in God’s way,
If we “do all things” through His strength,
Victory will be ours at the end of the day

Don’t be like Elijah under the Juniper tree,
And be tempted to think that you’re all alone,
God had reserved  Himself 7,000 men,
Forget your “Woe is me’s;” and go on.

Don’t be like Samuel grieving for Saul.
When others are willing to take up the work.
Rejoice in those who’ve been “found faithful.”
They put the Lord’s work first and won’t shirk.

“He that spared not His own Son;
But, delivered him up for us all,”
Gives us the gift of eternal Salvation,
And a Friend who is always on call

The Garden, the Cross,  the Tomb are empty.
Dear One, in God’s strength, just keep on;
Scanning the sky for the “glorious appearing;”
Then all our Gethsemanes will be gone!

Scripture Allusions: Mark 14:32-42; Hebrews 5:7-8;
Romans 8:28,32; Titus 2:1 – Marjorie A. Younce


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