The King James Bible – Test 2

Date:__________________________ Name:_________________________grade:___________

1. Give the Memory Verses: 1 Peter 1:23 and 25.

2. Who was the author of the “Biblica Hebraica?

3. What about his nationality?

4. He believed the Scriptures were without error. True or False?

5. In his first two editions of 1906 and 1912, he followed what text in his translations? ___________________

6. In 1937, in his Third Edition, he followed what corrupt texts?
A. _______________________________ B. _________________________________

7. Does the Samaritan Pentateuch follow the Standard Masoretic Text? Yes or No? _____________________

8. Aquila’s Version was written in Hebrew and also contains the Apocrypha. True or False? ______________

9. What did Gerhard Kittel produce that is used by almost all pastors today? ___________________________

10. Between what years did Gerhard Kittel use his poisonous pen? ___________________________________

11. What was the result of Gerhard Kittel’s hatred for the Jews? _____________________________________

12. What Three Versions of the 2nd Century are referred to in the Preface of some of the new translations?
A. ___________________________________________________
B. ___________________________________________________
C. ___________________________________________________

13. What is the meaning of “Diatessaron" _______________________________________________________

14. What great teacher wrote the Hexapla? ____________________________________________

15. This great, massive work was copied many times by the scholars. True or False? ___________

16. This great work was placed in the library at? ________________________________________

17. Why do we not have it today? _____________________________________________________________

18. The words “Textus Receptus” mean? _______________________________________________________

19. The Minority Text used by Westcott & Hort is also called?
A. _______________________________ B. _________________________________

20. The Codex Sinaiticus is missing what?
B._________________________________________________________________________C. ________________________________________________________________________

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