Bible Doctrine Tests

We hope you have enjoyed listening to the Bible Doctrine Classes that Dr. Younce has been teaching on HeritageBibleNorth, our YouTube channel.

The text book is Bible Doctrines, by Dr. Mark G. Cambron, and may be downloaded free from this site at this link.

Image of Bible Doctrine book by Dr. Mark G. Cambron...Read Free Online
Bible Doctrines - Beliefs That Matter by Dr. Mark G. Cambron available from The Cambron Institute - A Ministry of the Florida Bible College Alumni Association; or, Seaside Mission, Kissimmee, FL

Download Text Book Here

Dr. Max D. Younce is our teacher, and these recordings are from an actual series of classes held in Heritage Bible Institute, here in Walnut Grove, Minnesota.

These classes are strictly for information only, but we believe you will profit from listening to the classes, taking the tests, then checking answers against the Answer Keys.

1. Bible Doctrines Test One - Theology

2. Bible Doctrines Test Two - Christology

3. Bible Doctrines Test Three - Pneumatology

4. Bible Doctrines Test Four - Hamartiology

5. Bible Doctrines Test Five - Soteriology

6. Bible Doctrines Test Six - Ecclesiology

7. Bible Doctrines Test Seven -Anthropology

8. Bible Doctrines Test Eight - Angelology

9. Bible Doctrines Test Nine - Eschatology

Questions for Candidates I - for Ordination

Questions for Candidates - Part II - Essay Questions

Advice for Pastor's Wives - by Pastor Max D. Younce

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