Bible Question and Answer Archive 3

X. Creation

X.1. How Old Is the Earth?   (0095 - The Original Creation or...)
X.2. What Does "From the Beginning" Mean?   (0110)
X.3. Created vs. Made.   (0111)
X.4. Where Did Cain Get His Wife?   (0093)
X.5. Questions About the Flood and the Age of the Earth   (0202)
X.6. Creation vs Evolution, Nebraska Man (1)   (0152)
X.7. Creation vs Evolution, Java Ape Man (2)   (0153)
X.8. Creation vs Evolution, Piltdown Man (3)   (0154)
X.9. Creation vs Evolution, Neanderthal Man(4)   (0155)
X.10. Creation vs Evolution, Heidelberg Man (5)   (0156)
X.11. Creation vs Evolution, Fossils (6)   (0157)
X.12. Creation vs Evolution, Red Corpuscles by Chance? (7)   (0158)
X.13. Creation vs Evolution, Acquired Characteristics (8)   (0159)
X.14. Creation vs Evolution, the Complexity of the Eye (9)   (0160)
X.15. Creation vs Evolution, Changes Within Species (10)   (0161)
X.16. Creation vs Evolution, Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny (11)   (0162)
X.17. Creation vs Evolution, Second Law of Thermodynamics (12)   (0163)
X.18. Creation vs Evolution, Creation of Planet Earth (Conclusion)   (0164)

XI. The Cross-LESS Gospel

XI.1. The Cross-less Gospel   (0250)

XII. Difficult Scriptures

XII.1 Did God Create Evil?   (0026b)
XII.2. What Is the Unpardonable Sin?    (0089 - There Is No Unpardonable Sin)
XII.3. What Was Joseph's Coat of Many Colors Really Like?   (0062b) Joseph's Coat)
XII.4. They That Take the Sword Shall Perish With the Sword?   (0112)
XII.5. What About the Short Bed in Isaiah 28:20?   (0130)
XII.6. Will You Go to Hell for Calling Someone a Fool?   (0143)
XII.7. Who Are the Overcomers in Revelation 2:17?   (0180)
XII.8. Who Is Shiloh Who Washes His Garments In Wine?   (0195)
XII.9. Seven Women to One Man?   (0197)
XII.10. What Is the Meaning of the Oath in Genesis 15?   (0259)

XIII. Doctrine

XIII.1. Do I Have to Come Forward in Church to Be Saved?  (0271)
XIII.2. Will Hitler Be in Heaven at the "Times of Restitution"?   (0235 - Is the Devil Going to Heaven?)
XIII.3. "...My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?"   (0232)
XIII.4. Please Explain "Give not holy unto the dogs."   (0204 - Please Explain Matthew 7:6, Give Not That...)

XIV. Eternal Security

XIV.1. Is It Imposssible for Those Who "Fall Away to Be Saved?   (0039 - Hebrews 6:4-6)
XIV.2. Does Romans 11:20,21 Mean You Can Lose Your Salvation?   (0129 - What Does Romans 11:20,21 Mean?)

XV. God, the Father

XV.1. Are There Any Lies in the Bible?   (0036 - Lies In the Bible)
XV.2. Is There Anything God Cannot Do?   (0034)
XV.3. Is God a Respecter of Persons?   (0101)
XV.4. Is God Truly a Righteous Judge?   (0119)
XV.5. Does God Chasten Christians Because He Hates Them?   (0200)
XV.6. Is God Unfair to the Heathen? (0083)

XVI. Heaven

XVI.1. Did the Old Testament Saints Go to Heaven?   (0057)
XVI.2. Will We Be Angels in Heaven?   (0132)
XVI.3. Will We Have a New Name in Heaven?   (0186)

XVII. Hell

XVII.1. Is It Dark in Hell?   (0020)

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