Bible Question and Answer Archive 4

XVIII. Homosexuality

XVIII.1. Did God Create Homosexuals?   (0017/0031 - Gays and Lesbians Created by God?)

XIX. Infant Baptism

XIX.1. Does Acts 16:31,33 Mean Babies Are to Be Baptized?   (0131)

XX. Israel

XX.1. Why Didn't the Israelites Eat the Herds They Had With Them?   (0076 - Manna or Herds?)
XX.2. When Will There Be Peace in Israel? Part 1   (0120)
XX.3. When Will There Be Peace in Israel? Part 2   (0121)
XX.4. When Will There Be Peace in Israel? Part 3   (0122)
XX.5. Will There Be Peace in Israel? Part 4   (0123)
XX.6. Israel's False Peace and Destruction. Part 5   (0124)
XX.7. When Will There Be Peace in Israel? Part 6   (0125)
XX.8. Will There Be Peace in Israel? - Conclusion   (0126
XX.9. Is Present Israel Back In the Land to Stay?   (0244)

XXI. Jesus Christ

XXI.1. Is Melchizedek Jesus Christ in the Old Testament?   (0011)
XXI.2. Was Christ Born in December?   (0029)
XXI.3. Why Two Accounts for the Nativity?   (0134)
XXI.4. Was Jesus Christ Just a Good Man?   (0032)
XXI.5. What does "the Sceptre shall not depart from Judah" mean?   (0048 - Genesis 49:10)
XXI.6. Why Does the Bible Give Two Different Genealogies for Christ?   (0082)
XXI.7. Where Did Christ Go When He Died?   (0096)
XXI.8. What Is Jesus' Name?   (0080)
XXI.9. Christ, Our Passover  ( 0269)
XXI.10. In the "Fullness of Time," Galatians 4:4 and 5

Note: From this point on the numbers will be alpha-numeric.

Ia. Lordship Salvation

Ia.1. Must We Accept Jesus as Savior and Lord to Have Eternal Life?   (0145)

IIa. Marriage and Family

IIa.1. Should a Woman Take Her Husband's Name?   (0010)
IIa.2. Do We Have to Hate Our Family to Serve the Lord?   (0070 - Love or Hate Family?)
IIa.3. When Does Life Begin?   (0127)
IIa.4. Does An Unbelieving Spouse Become a Believer If He Marries a Believer?   (0140)
IIa.5. What Does the Bible Say About Interracial Marriages?   (0165)
IIa.6. What Does the Bible Say to Abused Wives?   (0172)
IIa.7 Should a Protestant Marry a Roman Catholic?  (0192)
IIa.8. What Are Some Simple Guidelines For a Couple Contemplating Marriage?  (0207)

IIIa. Ministry

IIIa.1. Does Divorce Disqualify a Man for the Pastorate? Case 1   (0176)
IIIa.2. Does Divorce Disqualify a Man from the Pastorate? Case 2   (0177)
IIIa.3. Can a Man Who Has Divorced and Remarried Be a Pastor? Case 3   (0191)

IVa. Noah's Ark

IVa.1. How Could Noah's Ark Hold All the Species of Animals?   (0012)  https: //
IVa.2. Were There Rooms In the Ark?     (0075)
IVa.3. In What Period in History Did Noah Live?   (0086)
IVa.4. How Long Did It Take Noah to Build the Ark?   (0085)

Va. Occult

Va.1. Explain "the Light at the End of the Tunnel" and Near Death Experiences.   (0046)
Va.2 What Does Knitting Shawls Have to Do With a "Mother God"?   (0230)

VIa. Parables

VIa.1. What Does the Parable of the Laborers Mean?  (0047 - The Parable of the Laborers)
VIa.2. Why Was the Unprofitable Servant Cast Into Hell?   (0042 - Grace or Works?)

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