X.18. Creation vs Evolution, Creation of Planet Earth (Conclusion)

Did God Create the Human Race, or Did We Evolve? (Conclusion)

By Dr. Max D. Younce

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 I have heard so many theories about how our earth was formed.  How does a person know what to believe?  What is your opinion?

In Proverbs 3:19 the Bible says that, “The Lord by wisdom hath founded the earth.”  God, the Architect, made the earth exactly the right size to support human life, that being 8,000 miles in diameter.  If the earth were, for example, 9,500 miles in diameter instead of 8,000; then, it would double the weight of the air.  With twice as much oxygen, the amount of water would be greatly increased; therefore, much of the entire surface of the planet would be covered with an ocean.  Also, consider…if the earth were much lighter than it is, its gravitational pull would be less; so, that it would not be able to hold as much air as we have now.  The lighter gases would escape first and the heavier gases, like carbon dioxide, would remain; so, the combination of gases in the air would be affected as well as its volume and density.  Therefore, life would no longer be possible on earth.

In God’s wisdom, He tilted the earth just right.  The earth’s axis, which now points toward the North Star, is tilted at an angle of 23 degrees from the perpendicular; that is, in relation to the plane of its orbit.  Because of this tilt, the sun appears to go north in the summer and south in the winter, giving us four seasons in the temperate zone.  Therefore, twice as much of the land area of the earth can be cultivated and inhabited as there would be if the sun were always over the equator, with no change of seasons.  If our earth were tilted as much as 45 degrees instead of 23 degrees, temperate zones would have torrid zone heat in the summer and frigid zone cold in the winter.  On the other hand, if the axis of the earth were vertical to the plane of its orbit, January and July would have the same climate and ice would accumulate until much of the continents would be ice-covered six months and flooded the other six months.

God, the Creator, in His wisdom set the earth to rotate at just the right speed, making a complete revolution every 24 hours in its trip around the sun.  The result is…the earth’s crust is evenly heated like a chicken on a turning spit.  If our day of 24 hours were longer or shorter, all present balanced adjustments would be upset, and life on earth would become intolerable, if not utterly impossible.

It took the omnipotence, omni sapience, and omniscience of God Almighty to create this earth with just the exact size and weight, 8,000 miles in diameter, the exact tilt of 23 degrees, and the exact rotation around the sun every 24 hours.  God says in Psalm 115:16, “The heaven, even the heavens are the LORD’S: but the earth hath he given to the children of men.”    Mr. Atheist and Mr. Evolutionist, do not insult my intelligence by asking me to believe your philosophy that all of this just ACCIDENTALLY HAPPENED!   God describes such men as,

“Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.”  (Romans 1:22).  “It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in men.”  (Psalm 118:8).


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