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The Book of Revelation: 
God’s Final Word to Man

By Dr. Max D. Younce

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Perfect Bound (Paper-back) 8-1/2 x 11, 398 pages, complete Chapter Index, and Scripture Index, in the front of the book. The suggested donation is $20.00 plus $4.75 shipping. Now available to order.

We go verse by verse, and it will be a blessing to you to study this tremendous book, as it is the consummation of everything. In fact, there are seven blessings listed for reading the book of Revelation.

We will be referring to the Book of Daniel; as well to other Old Testament prophets; and bringing in many doctrinal issues; such as the difference between the Rapture and the Revelation of Christ, and others. We will be looking at the Character and Background of the Book. We will introduce you to all the main participants in God’s final prophetic drama as it plays out on the stage of end-time Scripture.

You will be blessed for reading the Book of Revelation. Don’t ever let your church, your teacher, or pastor tell you that you cannot understand the Book of Revelation. God says you’re blessed if you read this book.

Read and claim your blessings!

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All of Pastor Younce's other books are listed below. You may read them free online.  Just look for the links, that follow the description of the book, or in the Navigation Column to the right. Also, you may order them for yourself. The donations are only for the cost of printing and shipping and the proceeds are used exclusively for the book publishing ministry of Heritage Baptist Bible Church. Please mail your book request to:

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A Biblical Examination of Baptism

Perfect Bound (Paper-back) 5-1/2 x 8-1/2, 88 Pages, the suggested donation is $7.00. ForCG46D6 Canada and International, the shipping is NOT post paid. Covers all the Scriptures about baptism in the New Testament with thorough exegesis as to what baptism really is and what it isn't!  This book scripturally refutes infant baptism.  Explains the different baptisms taught in the Bible and their purpose; i.e., spiritual baptism, water baptism, Christ's baptism unto death on the cross, and Christ's baptism by John the Baptist. Click Here to Read Online


A Biblical Examination of Hell

CG73A0This book has 7 color diagrams, coded to the text.  Perfect  Bound (Paper-back), 88 pages, 8-1/2" x 11." The suggested donation is $9.00.  For Canada and International, the shipping is NOT post paid. This book arose from a discussion at a Wednesday evening service.  I stated that Christ went to Paradise between His death on the Cross and His Resurrection three days later.  One man stated he had heard from several preachers that Christ's spirit remained in Hell for all eternity to pay for our sins.  Another thought Christ went to Hell to pay for our sins.  Their thoughts could not be supported by Scripture and several requests were made for an exposition in writing on the subject of Hell.  This book is the outcome of these requests.  This is by no means an exhaustive study on this subject, but rather charts and comments to help clarify much misunderstanding concerning the subject of Hell.   Click Here to Read Online

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