In Appreciation

old-fashionedcompanionwalnut%2fburlradioThe are always un-sung heroes when you integrate art forms into an entity such as this website. In our case, it is the piano music used for radio broadcasts and YouTube broadcasts.

There is usually a theme to our You Tube Broadcasts that fits the subject and Worship Service Resources has graciously allowed us to use piano hymns from their CDs that are in the public domain.

They have the old fashioned hymns, played on the piano in the "old fashioned way." No drums. Just respectful music that can be used by any small church without a pianist. They even have a grouping that are easier to sing as they are in a lower key.  Here is the link to their website.

Last, but not the least, is that unforgettable gospel rendition of the old hymn, Amazing Grace, by Ed Cummins.

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