Give a Gift

A Message from Our Pastor:

It has never been the practice of Heritage Baptist Bible Church to seek donations for itself, or any of the outreach ministries of our church. In fact, we don't even pass the offering plate in our church. There is a small basket sitting up on the piano, and if anyone wants to support our church, or its outreach, it is their privilege.

Our congregation is small, but they are happy to be able to reach thousands through this website which is ably administrated by The GraceNet. I must quickly say that there are some, from other states, who do support the work of Heritage Baptist Bible Church, and their financial support is certainly appreciated and needed.

Let me say this. Should you desire to support this ministry, we will not turn it down. The place to send it is:

Heritage Baptist Bible Church
P.O. Box 573
Walnut Grove, MN 56180

You can be sure we will put it to good use, and you will receive the proper documentation at tax time.

Dr. Max D. Younce, Pastor
Heritage Baptist Bible Church

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