X.10. Creation vs Evolution, Heidelberg Man (5)

Did God Create the Human Race, or Did We Evolve? (Part 5)

By Dr. Max D. Younce

Archive 0156

Which is true?  God’s statement that He created all mankind; or, the atheist’s with all his theories?

God’s answer to atheism is, “Nay but, O man, who art thou that repliest against God?  Shall the thing formed say to him that formed it, Why hast thou made me thus?”  (Romans 9:20).

Heidelberg Man.  And now we have the Heidelberg Jaw or "Man."  We find him reconstructed and in exhibition in museums and pictured in all the books.  He was found by Dr. Schoetensack in the sands (There it is again!) of the Mauer River, near Heidelberg, Germany.  That is why it is called the Mauer Jaw or the Heidelberg Jaw or by the high-sounding Latin name of "Homo (man) Heidelbergensis." It was first said to be 750,000 years old.  Later, it was said to be only 375,000 years old.  Just any wild guess will do, one is as good as the other!

One distinguished scientist showed that a skull of a modern Eskimo had the same appearance and peculiarities of the Heidelberg Jaw.  Another scientist said he had discovered in the South Pacific a whole race of South Sea Islanders, all of whom have massive jawbones like the "Homo Heidelbergensis." Another scientist said one can walk down the streets of any city and see men everywhere who have Heidelberg jaws, great ... heavy ... lower jaws.  Most people have viewed a certain late night show, hosted by an emcee noted for a great, heavy, lower jaw.  He doesn’t look like part ape and part man, does he?

All it took, then, was plaster of paris.  The features of the ape-like form were made out of sheer imagination and placed in the museum and it was said, "This is a demonstration of the evolution of man”.  What a joke!

But here we have these wild-eyed, imaginative anthropologists who create these weird creatures of half ape and half man, many times on the basis of a handful of bone fragments.

It is estimated that there are three-hundred replicas of the Piltdown Man in museums, around the world.  It is estimated that nearly one million persons annually pass through the American Museum of Natural History in New York and view, according to the artist's fancy, the reconstruction of Pithecanthropus, Heidelberg Man, Piltdown Man, and Neanderthal Man.  "The ancestors of the human race."  And the multitude of high school teachers and students, as well as the general public are never told how dubious and unscientific the representation of these figures are.  They are pawned off in the name of science as being actual and factual, and nothing could be further from the truth!

God describes these atheistic, evolutionary, intellectuals in II Timothy 3:7,  "Ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth."  The truth of God’s word is revealed by Jesus Christ, Himself, in John 14:6.

“…I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”


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