Upcoming Book by Pastor Younce

The Book of Revelation:
God’s Final Word to Man

By Dr. Max D. Younce

Book Front for WPThe Book of Revelation was often preached on years ago in almost every fundamental, Bible-believing church.  It is seldom heard from the pulpits of  today. Preachers excuse their lack of attention to this wonderful book by saying, “It is too hard for the congregation to understand.”; yet, it is God’s conclusion to the Bible; His Final Word to mankind. And the curtain is about to go up on God’s final magnificent drama.

Satan hates the books  of Genesis and Revelation. Genesis pronounces the curse on him and Revelation carries it out. In Revelation 20:10, he is cast alive into the Lake of Fire. Satan doesn’t want you to believe the Book of Revelation at all!

We go verse by verse and it will be a blessing to you to study this tremendous book; as it is the consummation of everything. In fact, there are seven blessings listed for reading the book of Revelation.

We will be referring to the Book of Daniel; as well to other Old Testament prophets; and bringing in many doctrinal issues; such as the difference between the Rapture and the Revelation of Christ, and others. We will be looking at the Character and Background of the Book.  We will introduce you to all the main participants in God’s final prophetic drama as it plays out on the stage of end-time Scripture.

Revelation outlines God’s program for human history. What began ages ago in the First Creation will ultimately be completed in the New Creation. This is the Book with a blessing as recorded in Revelation 1:3.

“Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand."

The Book of Revelation shows us that history is “His story”; and that human affairs are in the hands of our Victorious Christ. As we study this book we ought to be encouraged; thus, inspired to serve Him; and therefore, enabled to live clean lives that we might not be ashamed when Christ returns.

You will be blessed for reading the Book of Revelation. Don’t ever let your church, your teacher, or pastor tell you that you cannot understand the Book of Revelation. God says you’re blessed if you read this book.

Read and claim your blessings!